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Preferred appointment times
Preferred appointment times
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Los Angeles


Join Yasmine and discover how hypnosis works and what it can do for you.  Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool in removing anxiety, quit smoking, sleep better and much much more. Time to let go and relax.


What to expect?

Your first visit consists of cognitive discussion, the theory of mind and an analysis of your hypnotic suggestibility. We will review how hypnosis can access your subconscious programming to reach desired goals.

Subsequent sessions will incorporate behavior modification techniques with cognitive therapy to reach your goals. Each session will include hypnosis, customized to address your specific situation.



Session fees:

  • All regular sessions (50 minutes): $125
  • Package of 3 sessions (50 minutes each): $285 ($95/session)
  • Package of 6 sessions (50 minutes each): $480 ($80/session)
  • 2-hour quit smoking power session: $200
  • Past Life Regression (2 hours):  $200
  • Reiki Healing: To be updated soon
  • Chakra Balancing: To be updated soon

For Dutch/ Flemish speaking clients : Mensen in Belgie; neem contact op via e-mail: , speciale promotionele prijzen zijn beschikbaar voor skype sessies.  Sessies kunnen ook in het Nederlands plaatsvinden.

sliding scale available, accepting visa, mastercard, paypal, check, cash

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