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Join Yasmine and discover how hypnosis works and what it can do for you.  Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool in removing anxiety, quit smoking, sleep better and much much more. Time to let go and relax.


Yasmine Verberckt is a hypnotherapist in Los Angeles and Tarzana.  She specializes in anxiety relief, quit smoking, habit control, fears and phobias and much more.  In her blog she shares her insights on many topics where hypnosis has proven to be effective.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis: The ins and outs

Yasmine Verberckt

Even though for many there is still a lot of mystery around hypnosis, you may have heard or know of somebody that has used hypnotherapy to quit smoking. What is it that hypnosis does, that makes it such an efficient tool to leave this nasty habit in the past?  Let's start by looking into the top 5 reasons why people start smoking in the first place.  In my experience, I have found clients sharing the following:

  1. Peer pressure (an estimated 90% of smokers)
  2. Parents were smokers
  3.  Rebellion
  4. Curiosity
  5. Stress, anxiety, major life event (later in life)

I'm sure you can agree that when we are born, we are all non-smokers. We aren't born with a desire for nicotine and have cravings for cigarettes.  So that means that at one point in time, we had to learn what cigarettes are and we had to learn how to smoke. We had to practice at becoming a smoker, it didn't come natural to us; and for many that first cigarette was extremely unpleasant.  When talking to my clients, they typically share that they remember the awful taste, the coughing, the burning feeling in the lungs, the smell on their hands, clothes and so on. They rarely can point out any positive memory of that first attempt at smoking.

In other words, the body and the mind is doing everything it can to communicate with you that it is not a desirable thing.  The mind and body is literally trying to reject the substances, the odor, the taste and the whole notion of cigarettes in the first place.  It is only by mere repetition and your insisting with your conscious mind, that after a certain amount of attempts it starts to get a little less awful.  After a while the other most powerful part of your mind, the subconscious part, starts to recognize this thing called smoking and starts to accept the positive rewards it gives you. If I smoke I have more friends, I am invited to parties, to play, I look cool, they accept me, etc. etc. etc.

From that moment on, the subconscious mind, which drives your automatic behavior, starts to 'push' you to continue being a smoker.  It has now become a learned behavior that has been accepted as a positive thing. See your mind doesn't care whether or not it affects your health, your wallet, the way you smell, the tar on fingers and teeth, the possibly having to hide from parents or partners, ... As far as your mind is concerned; smoking now means you are successful, therefore it is a good thing. Successful in being accepted, successful in making and keeping friends, ...  As you continue to be a smoker for years and years on end, the reasons for smoking evolve, just like we, as an individual evolve as time goes by. Cigarettes have now worked their way into so many area's of your life, they give you a reason to step away at work, they have become a friend, give you relief when stressed, go together with coffee or food, ... I'm sure you can fill in the blanks.

SO if we learned how to smoke, using the power of our mind; isn't is then logical that we can also unlearn how to smoke and learn something else instead?  Yes, using the exact same method, reaching your subconscious mind, the part that drives your behavior by using hypnosis! Isn't it great to know that we are capable of making changes for the better by using something that came built-in.  I am looking forward to assisting you in using the power of YOUR mind to feel better, cope better, live better. Happy In Hypnosis; Happy in Life!

Hypnotherapy and anxiety: Hypnosis to attack the panic!

Yasmine Verberckt

Anxiety and panic attack relief Happy In Hypnosis

Sadly anxiety has become the number one Mental Health issue in North America.  It is estimated that one third of the American adult population experiences anxiety in their life - National Institute of Mental Health. To put this in perspective: these numbers are similar to the obesity statistics of 2011-2012.  So what is anxiety really, why has it become such a big issue and more importantly what can be done about it?

We all experience anxiety in our lives at one point or another. Occasional anxiety is quite acceptable and a normal part of life.  We may be anxious when interviewing for a job, while awaiting test results, when in a life threatening situation or having to make an important decision.  

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease typically about an event in the past or the future.  Feelings and the degree of worry can vary quite a bit depending on the individual can't they?  I am sure you can think of at least one person in your life that is overwhelmed, stressed out, nervous or shall we say anxious?  On the other hand very likely you also know of a different kind of person, you know the one I am referring to; the one that seems to handle it all, juggling a career, school, kids, ... and is just a ball of life and energy no matter what happens.  How can that be? They both have eyes, a nose, lungs, a heart and a mind.

AAAHHH the mind.  Even though the anatomy is similar, the way it is used may be different.  We are on to something here, can you sense it? 

Most of us have this notion that the mind can be divided into the conscious and subconscious part.  Most of us are also aware that the subconscious part is the biggest engine of the two.  The one that drives your behavior,thoughts and therefore feelings.  Compare it to your computer's programming.  This program of yours has a very simple yet effective mechanism in place.  We use different words for it, some of them may be familiar, they all are referring to the same: the fight-flight response, sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system or our basic instinct for survival.  

What does this have to do with anxiety?  Thank you for asking, we are getting to the nitty gritty here.  

Play a game with me

What happens to your body and your emotions when you find yourself in a situation that is uncomfortable, makes you nervous or let's go big: life threatening.  Perhaps a speech you're about to give, the boss called you in her/his office, the doctor really wanted to speak with you, a partner that couldn't talk to you on the phone but had to see you in person? 

- sweaty palms                                                           - panic

- queasy stomach                                                       - expecting the worst

- heart starts beating faster                                        - feeling worried

- breathing shifts                                                        - muscle tension

- worse case scenario's seem to always win               - feeling drained 

- ....

Let's keep playing; what are some of the symptoms associated with anxiety?  What are some of the bodily reactions when we feel threatened or in danger?  YES!! similar to the above.  This means we can conclude that non life threatening situations are also activating our basic instinct for survival.  See our mind doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy.  Movies aren't real, they are a projection of images, yet we respond to them with our emotions, we laugh, cry, get scared or if it's a bad movie we may yawn. The movies we decide to play in our head, based on a past or future event, trigger the same program.  WOW! so it IS all about the mind.

Now What?

So when do we need to step in?  When the same bodily reactions get triggered on a daily or weekly basis by situations that are just a part of everyday life and not an occasional situation or life threatening emergency... or when these moments become debilitating, preventing you from moving forward; I would conclude it is time to take action.  

We are living in a society that has us run too much software at the same time, literally!  Smart phones from dusk till dawn, news, videos, more people living close together than ever before, more cars, more traffic, more pressure, more and more things we need to know just to keep up with everything and everybody around us. BUT we are still relying on the same basic programming to deal with this excess of information. We sleep less, absorb more, or at least try to, and we forget to reset our computer once in a while to ensure it keeps running efficiently and easily.  We can not allow it to overheat you see.  

A simple way to change these behaviors, to increase your tolerance to stress and to get to a better feeling place is hypnosis. In my hypnotherapy practice and experience with clients it has become apparent that hypnosis is a very effective tool to reset that computer of yours.  To access your programming and run a few updates.  

When was the last time you updated your smart phone?  Chances are somewhere within the past year.  When was the last time you updated your subconscious mind?  In hypnosis we can adjust your subconscious programming to only trigger the fight-flight response how it was intended and not on a daily or weekly basis.  Hypnosis in itself is a reset button to your computer and allows it a break, to cool down and restart better than ever before.  

In my sessions for anxiety relief I also provide tools, software if you will, that can be accessed during the conscious state and provide a calm, focused and efficient state.  Who doesn't want more of that in their life?  Independence is truly just a decision away.  Which button are you going to hit?  

50 Shades of Blues

Yasmine Verberckt

Have you ever read a self help book? Maybe more than one? Perhaps even devoured anything and everything you can get your hands on.  Reading stories, theories and practices on how to focus on the positive regardless of the feeling state you are in.  The words of the book inspiring and encouraging you to turn your life around.  A few weeks later you find yourself searching for another book that may deliver another message and words of wisdom to allow you truly to see the glass half full and change the way you feel.  Did this practice ever leave you feeling frustrated? Annoyed? Maybe even angry because reality is such that sometimes we do not feel so good and to focus on happy thoughts in that moment seems such a chore, doesn't it?  How can that be, when everybody seems to preach to focus on the positive?  How do we as human beings exclude that which we are feeling?

I am here to incite you to embrace your emotions...ALL of them.  There is a world of negative emotions out there and while they are accompanied by some discomfort, they are designed to make you feel better in the long run.  They are crucial, otherwise they would not exist!

We have always been emotional beings first.  During our first years of life we literally are what we feel.  Our emotions, are the only tool we have to communicate to others what we need.  Our emotions and the expression of them, help us achieve our end result; a baby crying for food,for attention or simply for a diaper change.

Say what?

It is only human to yearn for happiness and dwell on that yearning.  Happiness is a worthy individual goal; however I conclude that socially and culturally there is a sense that anything BUT positive and happy is taboo.  Anger, frustration, sadness and the expression thereof has become unacceptable and a nuisance.  Reality is that we can not all live like Buddha, Jesus, Yogananda, ... and that is ok.  An excessive focus on ones own happiness and judgement of the lack thereof, minimizes emotions that are equally important albeit less fun.

The experiencing of these emotions assists us in finding out what we do want, in detail.  You may have heard the analogy of the contrast of light and dark.  It is only the contrast of them that makes us aware what the other is and allows us to differentiate between them.  When walking into a room at night without any light, you wouldn't walk in and pretend that you can actually see and that there is light in the room.  You just walk in and notice it.

Allow all emotions to be a part of your story, notice them, acknowledge them and feel the contrast to which they are guiding you to.  Instead we suppress them, medicate them, ignore them, numb them.  Allow these emotions to assist you in writing your life story even more clearly, chapter by chapter, discovering what it is specifically, with much detail, that makes your light go on.  Knowing how to better channel and accept these emotions allows you to better live with yourselves and others.

Instead of choosing to see the glass half empty or half full, how about we choose to see the glass in its entirety and let that be enough.  Focusing on the present in itself will be sufficient.  I challenge you to try... you will notice emotions identify opportunities for change and provide feedback and clarity in what you do want.

Would any human being ever have been successful if failure wasn't a part of the experience?

A Hypnotherapist's Journey

Yasmine Verberckt

Blog 2 lightbulb.jpg

The Roots

As long as I can remember I have always found joy in helping people.  Cliche? Perhaps... yet isn't there always a bit of cliche in simple truth?

Growing up in Belgium, in a small town where everybody knows one another, helping people is just something one witnesses on a day-to-day basis.  It is never questioned or analyzed, just lived.  Interestingly enough as time goes by and we 'grow up', obtaining financial rewards and social status often pull us in different directions and this was most definitely the case for me.  Graduated from culinary school and later obtaining a degree in business management I was ready to take on the world and conquer all possible titles in the shortest amount of time.  That in itself would grant my satisfaction in life....or so I thought...And so it begins:

As I packed my suitcases at 19 years old and left Belgium for the prestigious life in Paris, I was certain to obtain happiness through wealth and corporate status.  I joined the team of the luxurious and world famous Hotel de Crillon and worked many a long days among highly driven and competitive individuals.  Promoted every year I seemed to be well on the way to achieving what I had set to obtain.  Yet I couldn't understand why happiness and satisfaction didn't come with the rise in status and title.  How much hard work would it take?

After 4 years of working myself into exhaustion I decided to take a year off and fly as far as possible: Australia.  Packed my same 2 suitcases, yet again said my goodbye's to family and friends and started this new adventure.  I was certain that if Paris couldn't fully provide what I was looking for...than Australia would.

My oh my, it was indeed a magical place and time.  Traveled the whole country, made new friends, many of which I am still in touch with today and partied like a rock-star... Yet I discovered that even though life was fun, something was still missing.  How could that be?

As my year of fun and adventure came to an end it was time to pack my bags once again and make my way home.  My real home: Belgium, to gather my thoughts and decide on my next step.  When an opportunity presented itself to come to the United States to once again work in hotel management I grabbed it, and yes packed those 2 suitcases again and said my goodbye's.  I figured if Paris and Australia couldn't provide what I was yearning for than certainly the USA would.  Off to the land where dreams come true.

8 months after arriving I obtained my first promotion and salary increase, working even harder than ever before, my body was screaming out to slow down.  Since I refused to listen, my body made me.  I was under 30 and the Doctor was astonished to diagnose: shingles...  The staff looked at me puzzled and strongly urged me to make a change in lifestyle.  10 days later I was back at it and making up for lost time by working even harder.

Yet again my body urged me to listen and doctors scared me with a breast cancer diagnosis, still under 30 years old it was a very uncertain time.  I decided to make a change and truly search for my calling.  As I made those changes it became apparent that I was misdiagnosed and that the breast cancer symptoms were created by stress.

The Change

All of a sudden I remembered being hypnotized when I was 5 years old and how fascinating it was.  I made the decision to change and leave the world of titles and employees behind to take on a simple 9-5 type of job that allowed me to go back to college.  An intense time of training, study and practice including lots of room for personal development have led me to now be a clinical hypnotherapist.  I find myself in a world of helping people, a world of relaxation where personal growth and happiness is the main focus.  A world of change.

The Mission

Changing the world one hypno-session at a time; To share all that hypnosis has to offer. To allow individuals to explore a world within the subconscious mind, gaining access to old belief systems; ready to change associations that no longer serve them, into new ones through positive suggestions and idea's, assisting them to overcome obstacles, on their journey to complete happiness and satisfaction.  It may lay where you least expect it, but trust that it is up for grabs.