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Join Yasmine and discover how hypnosis works and what it can do for you.  Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool in removing anxiety, quit smoking, sleep better and much much more. Time to let go and relax.


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Yasmine, a few months ago I reached out to you to try hypnosis in the hopes of changing a few things in my life. We started with quitting smoking and a health condition I had a hard time with. Very soon I realized that there was more to it than that. I realized I was lacking in motivation, willpower and inner peace. Somehow you managed to give me all of that and the peace I had lost for so many years. I finally understand what happiness is!
How you did it, I simply don’t know, but it happened. Hypnosis quickly became more for me than just reaching a goal. After every session I felt so calm and peaceful, things that used to bother me didn’t bother me anymore and was able to have a good night of sleep.
I feel like you did a lot more than what I asked of you or maybe it’s simply because of our sessions that I am now able to react to situations differently. I no longer focus on negativity but instead see the happiness and peace that rules my life. I am still a non-smoker and I still use some of the tools you taught me. At times I catch myself smiling with a deep sense of inner peace just by thinking about them.
I finally have been able to accept my medical diagnosis and I am making progress. I have decided to no longer be a victim due to my illness but instead I want to be strong and healthy despite of the medical challenge. I decided that I will live a long life. Long story short: I feel great! Thank you for everything.
— H.A - Belgium
Yasmine is amazing! Long time smoker and she helped me quit. I have not smoked in more than 60+ days!!! She can help you achieve anything you want to!
— S.E. - CA - FB
In the last two months I have worked together with Yasmine through skype to finally get rid of my panic attacks and to live more positively. I had already tried the traditional ways but I didn’t get the result I wanted so I thought: let’s just do this and we’ll see what happens. So, two months later I don’t need to take any kind of medication anymore and I don’t need to visit medical therapists anymore. I now am in control of my thoughts, feelings and overall life. Hypnosis was something I really looked forward to every week because it is so relaxing. Yasmine helped me change my life in just two months. If you have any questions about hypnosis and if it can help you: !do not hesitate!
— S.N. - Belgium
I reached out to Yasmine as I felt that in order to improve my quality of life it was very important for me to increase my confidence both in my personal and professional life. I worked hard in life to achieve my goals, but unfortunately found it difficult to “own” my accomplishments and to truly appreciate the women that I am. I was ready to explore hypnosis to help me replace my old negative self-perception, with new positive self-perception.

Hypnosis with Yasmine has been absolutely life changing. Throughout all of my meetings with Yasmine she showed genuine compassion and professionalism. Every session I was amazed how she knew exactly which questions to ask me in order to tailor her suggestions to best meet my needs. I was surprised when my first session with Yasmine was two hours long. She took her time to learn about me and understand the source of my negative self-perception in order to ensure my hypnosis sessions are effective.

I noticed tangible results after my first session with Yasmine, and the positive changes in my day to day life continued with every session. Today, I find it easier than I have ever felt to stay my-self in all situations. I feel that I stand strong and confident, both in my personal and professional life, and truly appreciate who I am as a women. This is a very liberating feeling, and I can wholeheartedly say that I would never have been able to achieve this without hypnosis with Yasmine
— O.D. - CA
I want to share with all of you that I am now a non-smoker. I had a difficult time stopping on my own and always ended up going for another cigarette. Yasmine put me in hypnosis, all I had to do was listen to her soothing voice and since that session I threw my cigarettes away, have not had one, not an urge for one and I feel like I never smoked. It’s an amazing feeling and I definitely suggest anybody to contact her.
— I.V. - Belgium - FB
Yasmine, what can I say except thank you. You truly have found your gift in life. After 2 sessions I completely feel at one with abundance for the first time in my life. I simply cannot find the words to thank you enough.
— K.J. - Ireland -
On September 16th 2015 after 20 years of smoking: I smoked my last cigarette. I never thought it was a possibility for me only for others. I am amazed at how Yasmine could put me in hypnosis and 2 hours later I was done. Literally! I don’t have an urge for cigarettes, it even seems like I have never been a smoker in the first place. Thank you!! oh BTW my 12-yr old daughter stopped sucking her thumb with Yasmine’s help.
— V.W - Belgium
I went to Yasmine to try and get my Hyperthyroid condition better, at the end of 9 sessions not only that I got my condition better, I got improvements in almost every aspect of my life. Yasmine helped me to let go of things I didn’t even know about and that was holding me back from living better life. Yasmine helped me find more balance in my life, achieving goals and celebrating small and big successes.
I’m feeling on the right track again!

Thank You
— A.V - CA
They say “old habits die hard,” but one session with Yasmine will put that old adage to rest. Struggling with OCD for 30+ years (it runs in my blood), and acquiring some of my own strange habits along the way, I had come to terms with the fact that I would have to live like this: OCD-ridden, for the rest of my life. Fast forward to six sessions in with Yasmine, and I’m avoiding time-consuming habits that withstood years of psychological, psychiatric, medical, and “cold turkey” treatment. Through Yasmine’s breadth of knowledge, expertise, determination, positivity, and care to help others, I am finally beginning to find myself, digging up all the demons in my past and tackling all of the issues with which I thought I had fought the good fight. OCD is just one of my many walls, and Yasmine is allowing me to tackle each of them, one brick at a time. I feel such gratitude towards Yasmine, for allowing me to open up, grow comfortable in my own skin, and accept the things that CAN be changed. Yasmine proves that hypnotherapy should not live under a cloud of skepticism; it is a journey that is well-worth each step you put into it.
— P.H. - CA
You have helped me so much on my journey through this difficult part of my life, for that I thank you. The energy and enthusiasm to live a happy and healthy life again inside and out, I owe to you. The power of hypnosis is unbelievable. I am truly amazed. Thank you for everything.
— V.P. - CA