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Join Yasmine and discover how hypnosis works and what it can do for you.  Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool in removing anxiety, quit smoking, sleep better and much much more. Time to let go and relax.

Psychotherapy (310) 849-9399
(310) 849-9399

The Reason:

Once in a while we come across professionals that just get IT. People that love their craft, have acquired knowledge and are not afraid of working together with other holistic modalities. That is why I have decided to begin using my website as a means to create an entire community of trustworthy, experienced and talented individuals who’s main goal is to provide well being to people seeking solutions.

I’m proud to be able to work together with psychotherapist Bill Benson and am happy to introduce him to you:

Bill is a Board-certified Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Bill’s work has been nationally profiled in several major newspapers, Internet websites and call-in radio shows. His wide-reaching media placement includes Fox Television’s Good Day LA, CBS’s Woman 2 Woman, and NBC’s The Tonight Show. Bill is a regular psychology expert for Huffington Post Now and co-hosted the psychology-based television talk show Doc Talk for five years.

His 20-year counseling practice is firmly established in discovering and implementing creative solutions to life’s emotional challenges:

The Mental Gym is inspired by the knowledge that both our minds and our bodies have natural healing properties and abilities. Skilled clinicians can increase client emotional strength much like sports trainers can assist in building client physical muscle. Using the gym environment as a metaphor, The Mental Gym technique pinpoints psychological issues and provides practical steps to realizing desired emotional results. Client and therapist work together to develop a customized routine, which then becomes the client’s well-being regimen.